INSB Election 2016

Call for candidates for the INSB election 2016!

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible individuals to join the IEEE NSU Student Branch executive committee 2016-2017.

There are four key positions available:

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. General Secretary
  4. Treasurer

Eligibility to hold Office

To be eligible for office, a candidate must be enrolled as a student member of the IEEE and a member in good standing in the local branch.

Candidates for Branch leadership must be registered to attend classes on the University main campus for the term in which they intend to hold office.

Candidates for the Executive Officer positions - Chair and Vice Chair: must have been members of the Student Branch for at least one (1) school year prior to the election or have completed 100 credits at NSU.

The candidates may apply for one or more officer positions.

Any Branch Member is eligible to hold only a single Branch Leadership position, contingent upon his or her agreement to fulfill the duties described in the Bylaws.

All officers MUST hold their IEEE membership for term they are chosen to hold office.

How to apply

To apply — prepare a small campaign leaflet with the following:

  1. Your Name and the position you want to stand for
  2. Your Photograph
  3. Your personal outstanding experiences
  4. Your experiences with INSB
  5. Your plans if you are elected

Applicants should send the digital version of the leaflet at with the email subject as "Election_2016_position" (position maybe Chair, Vice Chair, etc)