IEEE Bangladesh Section EX-COM SUMMIT 2016

IEEE NSU Student Branch (INSB) took part in the IEEE Bangladesh Section Ex-Com Summit 2016. INSB was represented by Shamsul Islam Saadi (Logistics Officer), Wordh Ul Hasan (senior member), and Kimia Zama (senior member)

The IEEE BDS Ex-Com Summit 2016 started with the IEEE-SB ENGAGE program. This was followed by the SB Activity presentation; which involved all the student branches under the Bangladesh Section giving a small report on the current status of their student branch, where the student branches introduced their current operational executive body, their current member count and recent activities among other things. This session was followed by a Counselor/Mentor feedback session; this involved an interactive discussion session between the IEEE SB Branch Counselors and the IEEE BDS executive body regarding the different problems faced by a student branch, or certain queries that a branch counselor had about IEEE student branch operations. During this session important questions were asked, and a lot of useful tips and ideas were shared among the participants. This session was followed by the “PLANS AND VISION OF R10 WIE-2016”session, which was conducted by the IEEE Region-10 WIE Coordinator. Then IEEE BSD Young Professionals (YP) presentation took place. And lastly, the IEEE BDS shared their future plans for the IEEE Bangladesh Section with us. The event ended with an award ceremony.

A lot of important and key figures of the IEEE Bangladesh Branch were present at the IEEE BDS Ex-Com Summit 2016, and also the Region 10 WIE coordinator was present. Representatives from almost all student branches in the Bangladesh Section were present at the IEEE BDS Ex-Com Summit 2016.